The Possible Downside to a Hard Penis

Hard Penises and Blue Balls

Contrary to popular belief, blue balls are not just an urban myth used to get partners in the sack. In fact, the medical phrase for blue ball is vasocongestion. Blue balls is the slang term referring to the color of the balls during vasocongestion and also to refer to the male feeling "blue" because he isn’t achieving orgasm.

As great as a hard penis can be, there is a down side. Sometimes a hard penis without any sexual release can result in blue balls. Blueballs are a slang term referring to an aching pain that follows sexual arousal of a male without the result of orgasm. Blue balls most often occur when blood is rushed into the hard penis and is not dissipated by orgasm. The feeling that follows is heaviness and aching. It is an unpleasant feeling that adapted its name because of the blue tint that appears due to the massive amounts of blood that is rushed to the testicles.

What do blue balls feel like?

Blue ball can feel like several painful things. To be more specific, here are some ways guys have described having blue balls:

  • Blue balls feel like a heavy load is hanging from your hard penis.
  • Blue balls feel like something is stuck and wants to get out.
  • Blue balls feel like something is squeezing on your hard penis, in an uncomfortable way. Not a pleasurable way.
  • Blue balls feels like your balls are on fire.

How To Get Rid of Blue Balls

The best way to get rid of blue balls is to ejaculate. Others have found icing their testicles helps relieve some of the pain that occurs when orgasm doesn’t result after sexual stimulation.

A lot of people want instant relief when getting blue balls. If everything you try doesn’t put work to alleviate the aching and pains of blue balls, don’t worry. Usually the blood flow subsides in a short amount of time. If blue balls last for more than 24 hours, consult a physician.

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