Hard Penis

About Hard Penises

It is often described as the true "man’s best friend". It brings ultimate pleasure to both the male and female when it is aroused and ready for action. It delivers a message to a partner that is both undeniable and irresistible. The sight of it alone can be the ultimate aphrodisiac that kick starts a romp session between you and your partner. A hard penis is the key to great sex.

How does a penis get hard?

An erection is initiated by stimulants sent all across the body that signal the brain. The brain recognizes these sensations as sexually arousing. Immediately the body becomes relaxed and allows blood to flow into the penis, causing it to become hard. Blood is trapped within the hard penis for a limited period of time and muscles contract within the erection. An erection typically ends after orgasm. This is when the muscles in the penis stop contracting and blood rushes out.

When do you usually get a hard penis?

Hard penises usually occur in a number of situations. Sometimes they can occur in the most embarrassing of scenarios, like in front of a classroom or in a local pool with your friends.

Because an erection is an involuntary act, it is hard to predict when it might occur. Sometimes hard penises have a mind of their own, and they happen without any warning. Erections can also happen because of the state of mind that you’re in. Sometimes being in a completely relaxed state of mind can make an erection occur without you intending it to. You don’t necessarily have to be thinking of sexually arousing things to get an erection.

This would explain why men usually wake up with hard penises. It may be the result of a wet dream, or it could be because of a very comfortable, restful night. Either way, a hard penis can signify that you are calm, rather than excited.

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